Soul Gardens at Everglades Gallery, 37 Everglades Avenue, Leura
Amanda Louise McPaul

Every time I stand in front of an incredibly beautiful landscape, I am moved, deeply, and I have to paint it – I have a longing to share this beauty with others. I want them to see, really see, the beauty of the world around us…

 I strive to recreate the magic of the scene before me – all the colours, the light, the reflections…the music of living – such a challenge!

 The paintings have to be large as life is large, bold, challenging and exhilarating! Filled with the intense colours of love, pain, growth and loss…

 Soul Gardens is a collection of paintings from my life over the last 10 years – places that I love – places where I am fully alive.

Exhibition Details
Saturday 3rd March 2018
2pm – 4pm

Exhibition Dates
4th – 25th  March 2018
11am – 3pm

at Everglades Gallery
Everglades Historic House and Gardens
37 Everglades Ave, Leura, NSW

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